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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Outcry Studios releases Guess the Animal: Cat or Dog?

Is it a cat? Or is it a dog? remove a tile and guess.  If you can remove just a few tiles up to 4 and guess you get 5 coins.  If you go over 4 tiles then you only get 1 point once you guess.  Since cat and dog only have 3 letters then it will cost 100 coins to expose a letter because that will give it away.  So try and remove as few of tiles to guess the answer as possible, so you can save up coins.  The game is fairly easy, but you don't always know if it's a cat or dog.  We will even throw in feline and canine here and there to throw you off.  Now with more difficulty! We have added kitty and puppy to the mix!

Updated 2/4/2016 with 20 more levels!

Updated 2/15/2016 with 20 more levels!

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