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Friday, July 8, 2016

Outcry Studios releases Guess the Toys!

Guess the Toys is a fun hidden picture guessing game featuring toys.  Guess what toys are behind the tiles.  You get coins for guessing right.  The more tiles you remove the less coins you receive.  The coins can be used to give you hints. The toys are from different time periods etc.  They can be any type of toy like Thomas, Cars, Disney, GI Joe, Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Rubber Ducky, Simon, GI Joe, He-Man etc.  So if you love toys then you will love this toy guessing game! Download this toy quiz game today!

From the studio that brought you Guess the Character Shadow, Guess the Horror Free!, Free Scratch Picture Quiz, Guess The TV Show Shadow, and Guess the Celebrity Animal.

More levels will be added all the time.

20 more levels added 6/3/2016
20 more levels added 6/16/2016

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Outcry Studios releases Guess the Animal: Cat or Dog?

Is it a cat? Or is it a dog? remove a tile and guess.  If you can remove just a few tiles up to 4 and guess you get 5 coins.  If you go over 4 tiles then you only get 1 point once you guess.  Since cat and dog only have 3 letters then it will cost 100 coins to expose a letter because that will give it away.  So try and remove as few of tiles to guess the answer as possible, so you can save up coins.  The game is fairly easy, but you don't always know if it's a cat or dog.  We will even throw in feline and canine here and there to throw you off.  Now with more difficulty! We have added kitty and puppy to the mix!

Updated 2/4/2016 with 20 more levels!

Updated 2/15/2016 with 20 more levels!

Download today!

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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Outcry Studios releases Guess the Celebrity Animal!

Guess the Celebrity Animal isn’t your typical guess the celebrity name quiz.  This try and guess the celebrity game uses animal pictures that represent a celebrity to a degree.  We have also provided hints in each question to make it a bit easier.  Some answers are the celebrities full name and some are just their first name.  There are a total of 88 animal pictures for now, and this will grow in various pack updates.  

So if you like other guess the name of the celebrity games then try this challenging animal version!

Download today!