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Friday, May 22, 2015

Eyerates! now available for iOS, Android, and Kindle fire

Eyerates! is now available on iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle Fire! This one slipped through the cracks.  This is a fun throwing game with eyeballs against the eye pirates or Eyerates!

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FishPopper! Now released for iOS!

FishPopper! is now available for iOS!

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BeetleZap! Puzzles released for iOS

We are pleased to announce BeetleZap! Puzzles is released for iOS now.  

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Wutizit Puzzles released for iOS!

Our fun sliding puzzle game Wutizit Puzzles has been released for iOS.

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Sudoku 4U! released for iOS!

We are happy to announce our game Sudoku 4U! was released for iOS! 

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

BeetleZap! Puzzles now available on Android and Amazon Kindle!

Yet another fun puzzle game featuring the Beetles from BeetleZap! This is a fun but extremely challenging sliding block puzzle game.  There are numerous difficulty levels.  Download for Android and Amazon Kindle today!  iOS soon!

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Wutizit Puzzles! Now on Android and Amazon!

Try to piece together 3 Wutizit pictures! There are many difficulty levels.  This is a fun sliding block puzzle.  Now available on Android and Amazon Kindle.  iOS soon!

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Sudoku 4U! now on Android and Amazon!

Yeah we decided to make a simple game of Sudoku.  Catch it on Android and Amazon now! iOS soon!

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EyePopper! now available for iOS!

EyePopper! Has been released for iOS! It is another breaking game only with eyes.  It's like poking a bunch of eyes.  Sometimes you just want to do that right?  Okay maybe not.  But it's fun!

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Kandy Breaker! Now released on iOS!

We are pleased to announce Kandy Breaker! has been released for iOS.  It like our other breaker games is simple, fun and addictive.  So be warned! I can't get past level 5. 

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